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Marlow Prowler 375 • Classic & Havana

Due to the advanced construction techniques pioneered and proven by the Marlow Explorer series, we are able to offer the interior and cockpit volume of a much larger yacht, while producing a monocoque structure that does not shake, rattle and tremble when the weather kicks up. The complex tooling and production method employed at Marlow Yachts rids the yacht of space-robbing and heavy wooden framing commonly seen on these types of yachts. Replaced by finite engineered composite sandwiches similar to high performance aircraft, racing yachts and race cars, this technique allows far greater interior volume in a given envelope while producing a much stronger and lower maintenance yacht. There is simply no comparison between yesterday's "me too" mentality and today's spirit of excellence. At Marlow Yachts, the dream becomes a reality with the convergence of the minds, hearts, hands and souls of artists and craftsmen with a singular goal - to build and be the best.

Prowler Classic

Prowler Classic

The interior layout of the Prowler 375 Classic, which sleeps four, is carefully chosen to provide a relaxing and open feeling for the owner and companion. Rather than pack the yacht with berths, which are used a relatively small percentage of the time, we have chosen to provide a superb layout for the owner. It is designed to have a wonderful open and spacious feeling allowing the premium features and quality to be appreciated more fully. Available with or without a stall shower and featuring hidden dining or cocktail tables aft in the cockpit, this yacht will be enjoyed from Nantucket to British Columbia.

The hidden galley unit is revealed to be a fully functional part of this exciting yacht, yet remains invisible until the culinary arts call. By removing the galley from the accommodations space more volume is revealed allowing the cook ample prep and cooking space in the covered cockpit.

With the advent of the exceptionally reliable, economical and quiet running large outboard engines, Marlow Yachts is now offering the Marlow Prowler 375 Classic with twin or triple outboards. Exemplified by the ultra high technology E-Tec from Evinrude, the powerful new 4 strokes from Suzuki and the latest Yamahas, outboard power in mid range yachts has become a viable alternative to conventional diesel power. The new engine offerings provide the advantages of extremely shallow draft, much less than the jets that are proving to be high maintenance and poorly performing by comparison. In areas of high barnacle growth the outboards may be tilted completely clear of the water at dockside, eliminating marine growth or stray corrosive effect common to the aluminum components found in jets. In comparing efficiency, these new outboards deliver remarkable performance compared to the jets and rival the best of the diesel inboards in overall economy.

For the Prowler 375, Marlow Norsemen has developed and engineered a proprietary transom mounting system that removes the engines from the immediate cockpit area providing increased performance and reduced sound levels. Service is accomplished by sitting on a wide transom seat in comfort rather than hanging over the transom as normally seen. Though it is expected that the diesel inboard market will continue to occupy a large share of the market, the high initial and maintenance costs associated with jets will continue their fall from the power of choice for many. The advanced technology offered today by companies such as Evinrude E-Tec will cause these compact power plants to be seen on more and larger transoms.

Specifications Prowler 375 Classic

Prowler Havana

This new Prowler is technically a center console open fisherman, similar in concept to a dozen others, but there the resemblance stops. This new thoroughbred features sexy lines and cockpit volume that none of the current crop can hope to match. The graceful tumblehome and classic lines are unmarred by a single gratuitous bulge or bump. Though one normally expects nothing more in an open fisherman than a porta pottie or at best a small cramped place under a seat or console, this new development from the bright minds at Marlow features a very large head with shower, natural lighting and ventilation with over six feet of headroom. But that is just the beginning of an almost unbelievable level of comfort we have achieved with this lovely work of art. The Havana also features a comfortable cuddy cabin equipped with large vee berths, storage lockers, and berths for two children, a galley with microwave, refrigerator and a 2-burner cooktop, lots of natural light and ventilation. Young families can go for extended periods to their favorite spots sleeping aboard in comfort. Offering large fuel tank and generous liquid capacities overall, the Havana can go to Havana from Key West without a problem. If your choice is the hot fishing grounds of Mexico, Jamaica or other Caribbean ports, all are within your reach in this offshore and inshore sport fisherman. Boasting the least draft of all available inboards of similar type and size, Bay, Gulf and Ocean fishing is a perfect pursuit. Powered by your choice of engines, most cruisers will be left in the wake of the Prowler Havana. The carefully designed cockpit offers a large comfortable command console with twin chairs and extra ice and refrigeration beneath them. A flush transom door allows that trophy fish to be brought aboard into the fully equipped aft cockpit area featuring twin 200 quart built in fish boxes, live well with pump and expansive tackle storage. If diving is your forte, the built in side door with diving ladder is designed for easy entry and exit from the water with or without tanks.

Specifications Prowler 375 Havana

Prowler Havana

Marlow  Prowler


The construction method of the Prowler Series originates with two very complex articulating major molds that make up the majority of the yacht's FRP parts. This exotic tooling allows the complete hull with its graceful tumblehome aft and built-in guard rails to emerge as a unit from the hull mold, while the elaborate superstructure mold encompasses the built-in engine boxes, built-in ventilation system, window and door recesses, cleat locations, hidden windlass and rope locker, cockpit and interior cockpit liner and numerous other features that are normally added on after the primary molding is completed due to the complexity of designing a tool that would allow removal in one component.

The contrasting non-skid colors, the texture of which mimics the tentacles on the underside of an octopus and provides sure footing, is embossed in the deck upon release from the master mold. The decision to invest in this far more costly tooling requires a degree of confidence in the ultimate success of the end product and is not for the faint of heart. Once the decision is made however, it becomes an annuity, paying the investor back handsomely each and every time a part is constructed through fewer warranty issues and a greater strength.

The interior cockpit, cowling, seating, hatches, engine boxes, etc., emerge as units from the complex superstructure mold and allow the yacht to emerge far more "complete" from the tooling after cure. By thoughtful design, this leaves only the hardtop to be mounted on the molded in FRP windshield framing producing a yacht that appears as a completed unit, yet only three parts comprise this elaborate structure.

Interior Cockpit

Resins from the Epoxy family are infused, using our proprietary Full Stack Infusion© method, into Carbon, Kevlar and specifically engineered biaxial fabrics to produce a monocoque structure free of rattles and leaks that a yacht with the speed capability of the Prowler may fall victim to as years pass. No common woven rovings to build thickness are ever considered due to their absorption of excess resin and reduced strength. The resins and their catalyzation process, which is proprietary, "bake” the infused laminate at temperatures approaching two hundred degrees Fahrenheit, while still in the master mold. This elevated temperature baking precludes post cure, often caused by subjecting dark colored hulls to extreme temperatures in the tropics. It is common for ordinary laminates to re-catalyze when subjected to temperatures greater than that which the original catalyzation process created. Without the confining structure of the master female mold, a heavily distorted hull with "print through" of the underlying reinforcements is the unavoidable result.

Since a dark blue, green or black hull in South Florida will see temperatures of 160-170 degrees F in the summer months, one must either cure the structure at temperatures beyond that which may be encountered or be willing to endure the distorted surfaces that will appear. We are not willing to accept this cosmetic flaw so often seen.

The beautiful interior woods and cabinetry appear to be fine furniture of solid wood when in fact they are grain-matched veneers over foam and Corecell©. The underlying structure of the lovely cabinetry is strong enough for a 250 pound human to sit upon without distortion yet weighs less than 1/2 pound per square foot. Were it to be made of common plywood, covered with wood sheathing, as is the industry standard, the weight would be more than triple that with considerably less strength. The underlying reinforcement panel resembles plastic soda straws, stacked and glued together to form honeycomb cells. These cells are cut to the thickness required and covered on all sides with lovely grain matched veneers of Andes Cherry, Burmese Teak or American Maple. The compressive strength is most impressive.

Prowler Classic Cabin

Prowler Classic Cabin

Prowler Open Cabin

Prowler Havana Cabin

Corner posts and door faces are selected from one original log and processed in our own mill for their unique look. Whereas the paneling that covers the honeycomb or foam bulkheads is selected for its uniformly matching grain, corner posts and other highlight area are selected purposely for their "wild" grain, adding beauty without overpowering the lovely soft hued grains of the large surfaces. These wild grains from nature are the result primarily of a period of distress in the life of the tree from which they came - perhaps a windstorm that caused a broken limb or the competition for available sunlight in the forest. Carefully selected and placed, they are as if one chose an object of art to enhance an already beautiful lady.

Yacht Design

The seamless teak and holly sole covers a high pressure foam and fiberglass sandwich as opposed to wood, providing longevity, strength and dimensional stability that plywood cannot approach. In fact, all bulkheads and floors in the Prowler are manufactured on large tables under enormous pressure as resin is infused in precise volume, in lieu of the normal lay-up method of mops and rollers.

Fine English beveled mirrors grace doors and cabinets secured by Schwepper Germany door hardware as precise as a fine watch. Grohe Infinity faucets, showers and bath hardware are fitted to compliment the cabinetry throughout. Grohe warrants their Infinity line (their very best) forever, as the name implies.

From the first drop of resin to the final stainless steel trim, these yachts are created and constructed one by one, by hand, by artists and craftsmen who are working in a harmonious sequence to produce a work of art that will overwhelmingly reassure you of your choice of a Marlow Prowler.

Marlow Prowder

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