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NORSEMEN SHIPYARD  Builder of Marlow Yachts

Located in Chi Hu, Fujian Province, China, Norsemen Shipyard was built on the shores of the China Sea in the midst of a very productive agricultural area only 750 kilometers north of Hong Kong. Here, this large manufacturing plant has lived in harmony with the local fishing villagers, the farmers and the environment. Before the ground was broken, it had been decided that this new yacht manufacturing plant would produce the world's finest yachts while doing no harm to the earth, sky or water. The development of the technology to build yachts without releasing toxic residues and then implementing this technology was and is paramount to our philosophy and practices.

Our “green” factory is many years ahead of the industry in the treatment of wastes, potential pollution and workplace safety and health. It is a model for the industry and was honored with the first World Yachts Award for Environmental Consciousness in 2007. Marlow-Norsemen firmly believes that a clean environment is paramount to the well-being of our company and our workers. It is also our belief that the yachting public will seek out and patronize those companies who show responsibility to the environment rather than abusing it.

With a workforce of over 200, Marlow-Norsemen Shipyard has some of the most talented and skilled workers in the Marine Industry. The masters are responsible for running their departments but also for apprenticing new talent. All drafting and engineering is done by our naval architects and engineers. Every component of the Marlow Yachts is fabricated in house with our own skilled workers. Many people ask why we at Marlow-Norsemen build so much of our product in house, when the worldwide trend in manufacturing is to sublet everything possible. There are any number of reasons, some of them esoteric perhaps, but we continue to believe that better products can be built if the whole team understands the purpose and goal.