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Marlow Explorer 82 CMY & 86 CMY

Marlow Explorer 82CMY

The first Marlow Explorer 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht was delivered in late fall of 2006. Built for a customer who is an avid deep sea fisherman and ocean traveler, this yacht is equipped to take you virtually anywhere in the world in comfort and luxury. The extended cockpit features a 40" transom door for hauling in "the big one" or easy egress on a transom-in docking situation. The optional Release fighting chair, Eskimo ice machine, rod holders, tackle center, auxiliary controls, cockpit-activated winch make the science of fishing an art form. The tackle center is built with same perfect joiner work and beauty as the interior cabinets and the 75-gallon bait tank with aeration pump and Lexan viewing port complete this working area of the ME 82CMY. With 3,000 gallons of fuel, 400 gallons of domestic water (with 900 gallon per day Sea Recovery watermaker) and 100 gallons of drinking water, stops between fishing grounds are cut to a minimum if not eliminated entirely.

This exciting 82CMY is powered by the optional C30 Caterpillar engines and attained speeds of over 31 knots on sea trials in light ship condition. These 1500 horsepower Cats are mounted, as befits the very best, on polished Stainless Steel engine beds spanning from the forward bulkhead to the custom watertight entry door aft.

Specifications 82 CMY

Marlow Explorer 86 CMY

  “You don’t want to fight the wave, you want to dance with it,” Marlow says.

The Marlow 86E features twin Caterpillar C32s bedded on steel mounts. This relatively modest power alone does not explain the yacht’s performance. A mix of factors, including low displacement, construction techniques, trim and propulsion angles all combine to provide for a yacht that dances. Another major consideration is weight. Introduced in 2008, the 86 CMY was the first hull to have been built implementing Marlow Yacht’s Full Stack Infusion© a method that helps deliver just the right amount of resin to the mold utilizing vacuum pressure, resulting in important weight-saving benefits.

The yard’s use of epoxy resins and engineered fabrics such as Kevlar has created a structure that exceeds all predictions for laminate strength yields. Unsupported panel sections on the hull were reduced to less than one half the typical criteria for yachts of this type providing huge margins of safety engineering, far in excess of normal yacht standards. During the course of construction, the yacht became referred to as the ‘Ice Class’ FRP yacht.

Specifications 86 CMY