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Imagine yourself on a Marlow Yacht....


ME 57C & 61E  Classic & Euro Transom

ME 57C

Designed for offshore cruising or island hopping, the ME 57C's notable features, like all Marlow Explorers, are its spacious accommodations, its high technology construction, and its elegance and strength. The roominess comes from the use of resin-infused architecture where the skin of the boat becomes the strength of the boat. This design is completely self-supporting eliminating the need for wood framing and posts and beams. The result is a light weight yacht of exceptional strength, a lower center of gravity and a greater number of design layout possibilities. This high tech construction, which includes vacuum bagged foam/fiberglass composite and wood veneers results in better fuel mileage. All wood used is strictly cosmetic. Each interior is hand crafted from a single log hand picked in Thailand and shipped to our facilities, to ensure that the grain, color and grade are consistent throughout the boat, resulting in an impeccably grain-matched finish.

ME 61E

Like her smaller and larger sisters in the ever expanding product line, the Marlow Explorer 61E exhibits comparatively huge volumes of space compared to typical polyester and woven roving construction with plywood bulkheads and wood framed bilges. By eliminating wooden supports, bulkheads and framing in favor of vacuum bagged sandwich construction we have once again been able to bring a yacht to market with 79" of headroom in the main salon and lower accommodations areas, 74" in the engine room and a total height to the top of the hardtop of just 18’. This low profile make a far superior sea boat with a drastically lowered center of gravity, while allowing the yacht to slip under many bridges an ordinary yacht in this size range would have to wait for.

The proprietary and protected Strut Keels® are used to great success allowing propeller protection and down sea tracking that has the industries' experts raving. Like feathers on an arrow, these twin tails guide and stabilize the yacht making heavy downwind running a delight rather than a white knuckle experience.

Whether you plan to visit the Galapagos, Prince Edward Island, Bermuda or the Spice Islands of the Caribbean the new 61E will take you there in comfort and safety carried in the hearts and hands of seamen who have been there before you.