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With a fleet of yachts as exciting and innovative as the Marlow Explorers, it is no wonder that there is a large collection of Magazine articles featuring these fine yachts. We are proud to adorn the covers of fine yachting magazines from US to Australia. Some of the covers below are links to the publication on-line and the rest can be read or printed in .pdf format. You may also contact Marlow Yachts for a reprint of the article.

Marlow Yachts are seen in all parts of the world. Their owners proudly cruise in areas that don't see many yachts. To follow a couple of our very adventurous owners on their Marlow's, click on the links for a look.


49 Yachting Cover

October 2015 • Yachting • Marlow 49E - Worth the Wait-After four years in development, the 49 Explorer emerges as a shining example of Marlow craftmanship by John Wooldridge and photos by Zach Stovall

From Russia with Love

February 2015 • Yachting • A Journey through Russia with Love - An adventurous German couple takes a Marlow Explorer 72E to Moscow

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ME 62E on PMY cover

September 2014 • Power & Motoryacht • Marlow Explorer 62E • In it for the Long Haul - by Capt. Richard Thiel

Click here to read the full article

September 2014Southern Boating Boat Review • Marlow Explorer 58 • Modest Size, Mega Features

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September 2014•Marlow Explorer 58E

September 2014•MarlowExplorer 61E

September 2014•Marlow Explorer 66E

January 2013•Marlow Explorer 97E

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January 2013•Marlow Explorer 57E•


Vanish - a blog of the travels on the Marlow 76 Voyager    Vanish

Power & MotoryachtMarlow Index

November 2012 • SeaMagazine •ME 97E

April 2012 • • ME 97E

Feb 2012 • Yachting Magazine • Sunny Side Up

October 2011 • • Marlow 97 E (for "Euro")

Oct/Nov 2011 •OceanFront Magazine• Yacht of the Month - 76E-LR Happily Ever After

May 2010 • SeaMagazine A New Yacht, A new Challenge

June/July 2011 •OceanFront Magazine• Yacht of the Month – 57E – Uncharted Luxury

May 2010 • Power & Motoryacht The Next Generation

Aug 2008 • Yachting Magazine • 86CMY

Oct. 2008 • Yachting Magazine • ME 78E – Driven to Perfection

Oct. 2008 • Yachting Magazine • Marlow Explorer 57E

Oct. 2007 • Yachting Magazine • Review –ME 70E

Oct. 2007 • Yachting Magazine • ME 57E Command Bridge

David Marlow - Technology 76 Voyager  (a video)

David Marlow - Interview on ME 97E  (a video)

David Marlow - Interview on how he started  (a video)