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Occasionally something new and very different will appear in the marketplace and the effect that it has is profound. We knew from the very first days of development that the Marlow Explorer would excel in every test applied from strength to performance to visual beauty. We knew that yachtsmen who demanded quality, performance and innovation would want to experience the Marlow Explorer. What has overwhelmed us is the immediate and growing demand for this superior yacht.

Since 2000, we have become one of the worlds most talked about and sought out yacht buillders. In these pages we will introcuce you to the Marlow Explorer with models from 49' to 97'; the Marlow Voyager 76; the Marlow Prowler 375 with a classic model, an open deck model and the Havana, a sassy, sleek and speedy express cruiser; the two Marlow tenders, the Sprite and the Gypsy. We will give you all the details in the development and processes that have taken place to produce the yacht that so many are talking about. We hope it will intrigue you and bring you to Marlow Yachts for a personal introduction.

Dare to dream.... Marlow Yachts have voyaged in Seas around the world. Where will yours be seen?             

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FEBRUARY 15-19, 2018

MIBS Marine Staduium

Marlow Yachts invites you to join us in Miami, FL at the Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin for the Miami International Boat Show to view seven of our newest yachts.

Marlow Yachts will proudly introduce our latest addition to our impressive lineup - The debut of the Marlow Expolrer 75 will highlight this new yacht as we also present the newest ME 80, two ME 66's, the ME 53, the ME49 along with the newest Marlow Prowler 375 Havana, featuring all the elegance, finesse and power they have built into them. Our large and comfortable display booth is on Pier 8. Our knowledgable and welcoming staff will escort you on the yachts, present all fine features and innovations on the yachts and answer any questions you may have.

Click on the yacht you wish to read about in our latest Press Releases.

ME49     ME53    ME66    ME75     ME80     375 PROWLER HAVANA

Please call or e-mail and reserve a time for a private viewing of the yacht of your dreams during this exciting show.

Marlow Marine Sales  (941) 729-3370    or email  or submit the form on our Contact page.